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2017 Strategic Perspectives - DVD

PriceNZ $78.26

Strategic Perspectives Conference 2017, recorded October 2017. Runtiime approx. 16 hours


  • Session 01: Chuck Missler
    Welcome Message
  • Session 02: Jay Seegert
    The Inspiration of Scripture
  • Session 03: Sip Heitzig
    A Strategic Perspective on the Bible
  • Session04: William Federer
    Recent History to Understand Past History
    Kings, Governments and power
  • Session 05: Spike Psarris
    The Beginning of Time from a Creationist,
    Biblical Perspective
  • Session 06: Dr. William Welty
    What Jesus Thought of Scripture
  • Session 07: Chris Corlett
    Finding Truth in a Post-truth
  • World Session 08: David McAlvany
    Macro Economic Outlook
    Finishing Well
  • Session 09: Joseph Farah
    End Times
  • Session 10: Joel Richardson
    Don’t be a Nimrod!
    Discerning the Signs
  • Session 11: Dr. Bob Cornuke
  • Session 12: Tim Remington
    Trials, Faith, Forgiveness and Hope
  • Session 13: Ron Matsen
    The End Times Church?