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Be Ye Transformed - Work Book

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"The thing that staggers me the most is that the church doesn't really know that they must choose to give up every scrap of self-protective, justified hurt. And that we cannot feel anything (negative) for anyone, but Christ's Love. It seems to me that most of the church is living half a Christian life. I always wondered why Christians were not more noticeable in the world." --A Jewish Believer The goal and purpose of our being called Christians is, NOT to be conformed to the world, but to be transformed into Christ's Image. This companion Personal Application Workbook demonstrates, step by step, the process of applying the Scriptural principles presented in the Be Ye Transformed Texbook to one's everyday life. The workbook's objective is to help readers to learn to renew their minds in practice so that they can genuinely be transformed into Christ's Image. Space is provided for readers to write their own notes and answers to study quesitons.