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Behold a Red Horse: Wars and Rumors of Wars

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What does the Bible say about “wars”?

How can the classic literature of centuries ago impact todays (and tomorrow’s) tactics and strategies?

Which technologies are predicted in the Bible? Which ones have yet to be witnessed?

In what ways have the economies of scale in violence been reversed?

What is the threat assessment and risk analysis pending today?

In what ways can a country be regarded as a “one-bomb target”?

What are the likely implications of trans-humanism in the quests for the “Super-Soldier”?

How could electromagnetic pulses emerge to become the “Great Equalizer”?

Where is the safest place to be?

Dr. Chuck Missler, an honor graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, with an international background including three decade’s experience in the board rooms of the defense industry, reviews the major Biblical references to warfare, the trends in modern weapons technology, and some of the current preparations for war among the major powers.