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Prophecy 20/20

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Profiling the Future Through the Lens of Scripture Chuck Missler takes readers on an eye-opening journey, showing them how our time is an exciting fulfillment of prophecy. Profoundly provocative, this book allows us to get a clear view of what past Biblical prophecies mean for both the present and the future. Through careful exegesis, Missler posits that the Biblical track record in accurate prophecy offers understanding of likely future events across the ever-changing globe. But he doesn't engage in guess-work. Instead, Missler: examines important trends on today's geopolitical and technological horizons through the eyes of Scripture's prophetic calendar: analyzes the likely end-time effects of global changes, from the nature of modern weaponry to the implications of the world's attitude toward the nation of Islam: and highlights our resulting spiritual responsibilities in scientific, social, and political arenas. Prophecy 20/20 condenses many challenging concepts into remarkably clear information about where we are on God's timetable. By examining the truth of Scripture, this book reveals a turbulent present, harbinger of a powerful future.