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2015 Strategic Perspectives - DVD

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Koinonia Institute presents our 10th Annual Strategic Perspectives International Conference 2015 in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho on DVD, intel and insight to understand the times.
DVD Set - 8 discs
  • Dr. Chuck Missler - The seven Myths of Eschatology, How to Avoid Deception, Know Your Calling.
  • Dr. Steve Elwart - What is the World Coming To? A Global Intelligence Update. 
  • Chris Corlett - On Education: Playgrounds, Politics and Parents.

The Reemergence of Assyria?

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The Reemergence of Assyria? Triple Play - DVD, MP3 and Digital Copy. The rapid rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has caused many in the world to wonder at its apocalyptic implications. We will examine this emerging problem with what I like to call the “Issachar Challenge” Therefore, we need to address three questions concerning this area of the world: -What is its history? - Who are its leaders? - What is its prophetic destiny?

Family Matters Vol.3

Family Matters Vol.3
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Survival Guide for Your Children.

The Bible tells us that “children are a blessing from the Lord.” As such, parents are given the awesome responsibility of raising them in the fear and knowledge of God. The world would like to convince Christian parents to stop influencing their children, with regards to Biblical standards of living. Their motto is to “let the child make up their own mind.” The world wants your children, and it will take them from you whenever you decide to give them up.

Family Matters Vol.2

Family Matters Vol.2
PriceNZ $21.74

Survival Guide for Your Home.

The attack on the Biblical family unit has never been greater. The pervasive influences of secular philosophy, psychology and sociology, have driven the traditional family unit to the brink of extinction.  Like a spiritual tsunami, the influences of modern moral relativism are rapidly eroding the confidence of many Christians in Biblical foundational truths concerning marriage, family, and parenting.


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