KI Bronze Bundle

KI Bronze Bundle

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Bronze Medallion

Everything you need for the Koinonia Institute Bronze level courses!

Enrolled in KI and ready to start Bronze? Then here's a bundle of all the required Bronze course materials.


Our first level of achievement in the Institute is the Bronze Medallion, memorializing our commitment to Christ: to rely on His strength, and to remain in His counsel. When the Bronze requirements have been met in all three tracks, a Bronze Medallion certification will be awarded. However, our tokens, trinkets, and activities must never cause us to take our eyes off Him, or those things become “Nehushtan”: a thing of brass! (2 Kings 18:4).

Includes materials for all Bronze courses:
Includes PDF Study Notes.

  • Learn the Bible in 24 Hours
    • For the BIB 501-1 Old Testament course
    • For the BIB 501-2 New Testament course, or
    • For the SG 501 Learn the Bible in 24 Hours course
  • Death of Discernment
    • For the I501 Death of Discernment course
  • How We Got Our Bible
    • For the I502 How We Got Our Bible course
  • How to Study the Bible
    • For the I503 How to Study the Bible course
  • Discovering God
    • For the K501 Discovering God course
  • The Love of God
    • For the K502 The Love of God course

Special Handbook (Study Notes) Pack for On-Demand

Do you already use our on-demand service and just require the Study Notes?

Get the Handbook (pdf download) set which includes the following downloads:

  • Learn the Bible in 24 Hours Handbook (PDF)
  • Death of Discernment - PDF Study Notes
  • How We Got Our Bible - PDF Study Notes
  • How to Study the Bible - PDF Study Notes
  • Discovering God - PDF Study Notes
  • The Love of God - PDF Study Notes

Available in the following formats:

Audio Download:
  • Digital Audio Files
  • Handbook (PDF Study Notes)
Handbook Download:
  • PDF Study Notes.
  • Note: The Handbook (PDF Notes) is usually included on DVD or CD accompanying it's respective commentary or topical study. However, if you do not have the study or are studying in a group, we also provide this pdf as a separate purchase.
Video Download:
  • Digital Video Files
  • Digital Audio Files
  • Handbook (PDF Study Notes)

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