Wisdom of Hebrew

Wisdom of Hebrew

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Bill Cloud looks at the Hebrew language and brings insight and understanding.

This Briefing Pack Includes 24 sessions.

Note: This product does not teach how to read or speak Hebrew

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Bill Cloud

Bill Cloud was raised in a traditional Christian home in South Georgia. Bill began studying Hebrew under the tutelage of a local rabbi and has since become quite prolific at reading and writing the Holy Tongue. He has spent many hours studying, not only the Hebrew text, but the Hebraic roots of Christianity as well. This research has been rewarded with a keen insight into Biblical Judaism and its relationship to Christianity. This interest is tied to Bill’s desire to unlock the deep secrets of the Word of God and to teach them, along with our Hebraic roots, to believers in Messiah. Furthermore, this insight has allowed Bill to better understand the prophetic element of Scripture. As a result of this study, Bill has developed a variety of media resources dealing with prophetic themes as well as teachings related to our lost Hebraic heritage.

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Bill Cloud

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